Hailing from northern France, Karine Simon began her journey as a photographer when her parents gave her a Contax camera at the age of fifteen. Karine then studied photography while attending the School of Fine Arts in St. Luc, Belgium.

While in Belgium, Karine began shooting fashion shows when she was only sixteen. It was there that she discovered the joy of hand developing black and white photographs. At nineteen, Karine exhibited her work in a multi-city tour in France including Reim, Paris, and Lille. Soon Karine's work captured the attention of the editorial set, and she began covering high-profile events for newspapers and magazines in southern France.

With adventure in her heart, Karine moved to New York at twenty three with only a back pack, her beloved Contax camera and not a word of the English language! Karine fell in love with the art of makeup and quickly became a success in film and theater making a comfortable living in Manhattan. Yet even while travelling the U.S. as a makeup artist for films, commercials, and print ads, Karine continued to develop her photographic skills.

Surrounded by the entertainment industry, Karine easily transitioned into a headshot photographer creating a unique approach and style of her own. Karine's career as a headshot photographer lead her to Los Angeles where she has established herself as a top headshot photographer for nearly a decade. Her skills as a fine art portrait artist along with her flair for a fun, spontaneous environment, enables her to capture true moments. The results of a headshot session with Karine: clear, real, and alive portraits.

Presently, Karine shoots with the latest hi-tech digital equipment available but can still be found shooting with her faithful Contax.